Hi. I'm Matt. I'm some twenty-something. I have vague dreams of being a music journalist. Either that or a Rock Star. I haven't decided yet. I mainly just post random shit about stuff that I like or things that have happened to me in my not-so-thrilling day to day life. I'm kind of a nerd, but an awesome one.
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14th January 2011

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So this place I went to for dinner tonight? Very bloody fancy. When we got there, the receptionist TOOK OUR COATS. And we were shown into the LIBRARY, where we had a drink and some nibbles. The first picture is of the chandelier that was in there. I thought it looked pretty classy. We had our orders taken in there before being shown through to the restaurant. The second picture is of my starter. It was an ‘Assiette of Venison’. So a plate of deer to you and me. The thing on the right was some pate, and I’ve never really had pate before. It was weird, but still quite tasty. I’m not entirely sure what the other things were but they were really nice!

The third picture is of the main I had. It was roast partridge, locally shot partridge I do believe. I wish I could remember what the little bits and pieces around it were, some sort of veg anyway. They were all really nice. And for dessert I had this chocolate fondant thing with thyme ice cream. I know what you’re thinking. Thyme ice cream. It was a bit odd. We had some tea and coffee in the DRAWING ROOM afterwards too. It was very bloody posh. It was really good though. I do kind of hope that one day I earn enough money to be able to occasionally go to places like this. Not all the time mind, but you know, special occasions and that.

It was proper Masterchef. It was all smears of sauces and everything. One of the options for a main even had a ‘Mushroom foam’.

Oh, and I got Instagram for my phone, so I’ve been playing with that. Which is why the pictures are all…like that. I like it. It makes me feel like a bit more of a hipster, but probably making me a bit less of a hipster.

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  1. robevansetc said: Haha, I like how someone taking your coat blows your mind with it’s classiness. Also the hipsterphoto of the chandelier is cool.
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